Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Maramaku Sports Day! :)

Last Friday, myself and other students had the chance and choice of going to Maromaku to participate in a rugby and netball tournament. I was one of them, I decided to play rugby because in my opinion, it's better than netball. I was the only girl in the team but it didn't really bother me. We had 4 games ( actually there was 5 games but the fifth game was unnotified ) . Sadly, we lost all of them but at least we tried our hardest and I think that's what matters.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Taronga Zoo

Last School Holidays, My Sister and I went to Australia to visit my dad.  Little did we know that Pania and Dad had a surprise for us, we were going to Taronga Zoo.

Friday, June 23, 2017

My First Powtoon - My Pepeha

We were learning new ways to present our pepeha. I chose powtoon.

Beach Clean Up

I was learning to use the structure I have in my piece of writing, describing the beach clean up. I am proud of myself from sticking a lot of descriptive words into my writing and it still made sense. The structure in my writing is to make it seem like you did it by starting with “Remember” instead of saying “I remember” and summing it up by saying “That was summer”. I enjoyed thinking about how I could make my writing better and think how to improve my descriptive words while still making make sense. If I had the choice of doing all my work with this structure, I would say yes.

Strolling along the sticky, hot footpath looking for rubbish.
A cool, refreshing breeze of wind blowing past and gone in an instant.
Finding little shards of sharp glass hidden inside a bundle of dried-out seaweed.
Looking around for rubbish with your friends, only finding smoke butts and shiny shards of glass.
Finally, wandering back to the comforts of the air conditioner.
That Was Summer

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Chocolate Dog: The Hero

On Thursday, we had to write a narrative about anything and then make an animation about it. My animation was about a chocolate dog help saving a lamb and becoming a hero and the lesson was do good to others and in the future, they will do good to you. My goal was to try and make my animation cooler by making slower movements in each slide and I don’t really think I achieved it because of lack of time. I was learning to use onomatopoeia and ellipsis when I was writing my narrative.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Surf Lifesaving

On Wednesday,  my class and I went down to the beach for surf lifesaving. We learnt the rules to keep safe at the beach and we also learned how to escape a rip and how to recognize one. I really enjoyed surf lifesaving and it was really funny when Mrs Pou got soaked. It was really fun and it was better than an ordinary school day.
IMG_2040 (1).JPG

Friday, March 10, 2017

My Tangelo

Holding my tangelo in my left hand and trying to peel it with my other hand but I tried and tried but I couldn’t, thanks to my stubby nails.
A million years later, I finally peeled my tangelo with the help of a friend. I stared at my tangelo without its skin, it reminded me of a mandarin. I bit into my juicy tangelo as a bit of juice flies at my eye. I didn’t care though, it was too delicious to stop eating it. I kept eating it until it was gone.
I felt like crying because I had eaten all my tangelo. It was that delicious and I was that really that sad.
But thankfully, I got to have another one at lunch.

I was learning to improve my descriptive language and I think I did well. I was told we could do it any kind of structure as long as you add what it tasted like, looked like, feels like, sounds  like and what it smelled like. Next time I think I should try and use better words to describe the tangelo to make it more interesting for the reader