Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Descriptive Writing - Moment In Time

Last week in Te Ngahere, we have been doing descriptive writing about Te Ngahere.  WALT  use the correct structure to describe a moment in time. After we write everything down, we chose a learning buddy to check our writing. I think I did well at choosing descriptive and specific language. This is my first draft, enjoy!  

Beautiful leaves hang off light green branches of a Ponga Tree. Sunlight pierces through small gaps within the thick bushy leaves. The forest floor, overflowing with light brown leaves, softly crackling each step. Birds sing their unique, dazzling song, blessing your ears. Little skinks scampering around, trying to bend with the leaves. A dense and rough oak tree stood aside you. It’s branches appeared as if they could reach the heavens. The smell of damp bark lurks around your nostrils. Little rain droplets balance upon thin strips of grass.

The mystical forest on a forever stretch, shedding its beauty.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Explanation Writing - Healthy Ecosystems

For the past term, Te Ngahere has been working on our healthy ecosystem explanation. Our WALT use the correct structure to write an explanation. We had to explain what is a healthy ecosystem and what is within it. What helped me in my learning was checking over my work.  I thought it fun when I had to explain what are producers, consumers, decomposer and inorganic and organic matter. What I found hard was understanding what the teacher was asking me to do. I think I did a really good job and I am very happy with my final product.

Link To My Writing :)

Friday, May 4, 2018

My Animation

For the past 2 weeks in Te Ngahere, we have been learning about food chains and we were told to make a animation about a food chain that we had checked with our teachers. In a food chain there are producers, consumers, decomposers, and inorganic matter. I was working with Fonz. We had trouble filming because we couldn’t stop laughing. I think we did OK when it came to explaining how it works. I could probulary speak more clearly next time. Enjoy!

Rocky Shore

Last term, Te Ngahere and Nga Motu went down into town to look at what lives in the rocky shores. WALT identify and discuss elements of and impacts on the marine ecosystem. We had to buddy up with one of the teina. We found a big crab, tiny crabs, little starfish, shrimp and hermit crabs.

Kaitiakitanga o te Moana

Ever since week 7, Te Ngahere have been working on Kaitiakitanga o te Moana, our reading project.
Our WALT was to focus on creating something to share our learning.
I think I did alright, mostly because I was using better language than my everyday vocabulary and
my cooperation with my class was better. I enjoyed cooperating with my group and helping them.
I need to work more on my grammar.

My Finished Metaphor Poem

For the past week in Te Ngahere, we have been working on our best, elaborated copy of our metaphor poems. WALT  use language features appropriately showing a developing understanding of effect. I mostly worked on finding words to make my poem more interesting and exciting to read. I really like my finished copy. I found it hard finding new and better words. I hope you like my new and improved metaphor poem.

Saff is...
Saff is a savage little lion cub, small and vicious
Saff is a playful kitten, pretty and pure
Saff is a marvellous pohutukawa tree, blooming with knowledge
Saff is a wonderful teacher, inspiring and helping others

Saff is a curious maltese puppy, fluffy and furious

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Our Draft Metaphor Poem

For the past couple days, Te Ngahere has been learning to use metaphors in our writing to describe ourselves. We could describe ourselves about anything but we had to have one or two reasons why we were that so the reader wouldn’t misinterpret what we were trying to say. I enjoyed comparing myself to things that I like and thinking about a reason why I thought that we were alike. I struggled with ideas at one point. Next time, I think I should work on putting more detail into my writing to make it more interesting, This is my first draft.

Saffyre is ...

Saffyre is a lion cub, small and vicious

Saffyre is a pineapple, wears a crown and sweet on the inside

Saffyre is a teacher, inspiring and helping others

Saffyre is a role model, helping and inspiring our school tukana